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Video: Rams Sean McVay hilariously gets mad at players for pooping in the porta potties

Sean McVay, Rams

Sean McVay is not a fan of port-a-potties. On the first episode of “Hard Knocks”, Los Angeles Rams head coach hilariously told his team not to poop in the port-a-potties.

“Don’t be the guy that takes a s–t in the port-a-potties, alright?” McVay said. “I went in there, I about threw up, alright? Have a little more social awareness. That’s to take a p–s, don’t take a s–t in the port-a-potties, alright?”

This had all the Rams players laughing, trying to figure out who took a deuce in the port-a-potty. Six-time Pro Bowler Aaron Donald came up with a great idea on how to catch the culprit.

“We gotta start puttin’ the camera on the port-a-potties, see who’s s–ting in there,” Donald joked.

Others on the Rams were putting the heat on the “Hard Knocks” crew, saying it was one of them who took the deuce.

This is just the first episode of this season of the HBO series, which many players were quick to point out as well. If this is what’s going on this year on “Hard Knocks,” it could be a very interesting and entertaining season of the hit series. Already expected to be a different season due to the added issues of the coronavirus and all the added issues it throws onto each franchise in the NFL, most wouldn’t have thought that this latest season would turn into a season of South Park.

You’ve now heard of the episode of “Who Took a Deuce in the Urinal?”

Next week on Hard Knocks: “Who Took a Deuce in the Port-a-Potty?”