Another Leiter enters The Show. Jack Leiter finally made his MLB debut for manager Bruce Bochy and the Texas Rangers. Obviously, the start of everyone's career is rough and his game still needs polishing. However, he did show big flashes of being more than just a serviceable pitcher against the Detroit Tigers. Al Leiter's son and Mark Leiter's nephew even gave Riley Greene quite a challenge.

While some expectations were met during Jack Leiter's MLB debut against the Tigers, the Rangers pitcher could not help but be disappointed in his performance. He even went as far as to outline his frustration in his latest statement, via Abby Jones of Bally Sports.

“A lot of frustration. I know I'm better. I need to be better. I will be better. That's kinda the frustration. The pitches I left on the table and the mistakes that I made. I am kind of just feeling frustrated… I felt bad that I did that to those guys but I just wish I did a better job in keeping the team with a favorable lead. Eight runs shouldn't be that close of a game,” Jack Leiter declared.

The Rangers pitcher started looking lethal when Bruce Bochy called him up. He threw three consecutive strikes against the Tigers. This caught the attention of Riley Greene and it did not look like he was going to allow a rookie to do him like. So, the next time he faced Jack Leiter, he made sure to no longer make the same mistakes.

Rangers rookie struggles

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Jack Leiter, son of former Detroit Tigers pitcher, Al Leiter throws during the first inning of the game between the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers at Comerica Park in Detroit on Thursday, April 18, 2024. The Tigers lost the game 9-7.

In the bottom of the second, Riley Greene delivered on his promise to himself. He saw Leiter again which led to four hits and four runs for the Tigers. The Rangers rookie even gave Greene an RBI triple because of this. Leiter knew he had to bounce back and he did just that. He needed eight pitches for a three-up and three-down. He was able to notch this and gave the Rangers some more space with a seven-to-four lead.

Jose Urena had to finish the inning for Leiter which marked the end of his debut. It was not at all bad but he did leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully, the Rangers managed to pull off the win with a seven-to-nine scoreline. This also gave the Bruce Bochy-led squad their 11th win of the season, notching five wins in their last 10 matchups. This helps them sit comfortably atop the AL West with the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels still 1.5 games behind.

Leiter ended his MLB debut having pitched 3.2 innings. In his 85 pitches, he managed to record 52 strikes, eight hits, seven earned runs, three walks, and three strikeouts. There is still much to learn such that he is able to correct his woes throughout the season. He will get some guidance within the Rangers system such that these points of improvement are met down the line as well. All he has to do is try to maintain his composure and train his canon of an arm for more success.