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Ranking 31 teams’ trade offers for Steelers’ Antonio Brown

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There’s not a team out there that’s going to be crucified, nor get condescendingly looked at if they show any form of interest in trading for Antonio Brown for the simple reason that the asset being talked about is Antonio Brown – the embattled Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, whose name is a brand itself and whose play on the field is matched by only a few in the NFL.

Antonio Brown

As it stands, the Steelers will shell out $22 million to keep Brown and $21 million to send him out of Pittsburgh. It sounds more ideal for the Steelers to retain the disgruntled wide receiver, but earlier this week both sides agreed it’s best if Brown is traded.

Extricating Brown from Heinz Field takes a careful planning, lengthy deliberation, and a trade package that would blow away the Steelers, who’ll be answering calls from interested parties and greeting them with a borrowed line from Ron Swanson.

31. Philadelphia Eagles

Trade Assets:  2019 first-round pick, 2019 second-round pick, CB Cre’von LeBlanc

Possibility: Alshon Jeffery has a higher chance of getting free beer in a Philly bar.

Antonio Brown, Eagles


It’s going to take some fantastic feat of front office engineering before the Eagles could even think about picking the phone and inquiring about Antonio Brown. Philadelphia is over the cap by $14 million, meaning the team will have to waive some players and/or send over to Pittsburgh hefty contracts to balance it all out.

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