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Falcons WR Julio Jones doesn’t want Antonio Brown playing alongside him in Atlanta

Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Falcons

The NFL rumor mill is churning in overtime with the claims that beleaguered player Antonio Brown has effectively ended his time with the Steelers thanks to his antics (though his beef with Ben Roethlisberger didn’t help him any), and now, the wide receiver might be heading to Atlanta to play with the Falcons.

But Julio Jones, wide receiver for the Falcons, told TMZ Sports that he wasn’t with this potential pairing.

“Nah, man. We tight over here. We good over here.”

Jones, according to the report, is worried that Antonio Brown — who recently got the boot from the hit NBC show, The Masked Singer, because he performed a Bobby Brown song — will take all his drama from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, and Jones just wants to get on the field and play, not worry about off-field antics.

And even though Jones admitted that Brown is quite the player on the field, his “locker room drama” isn’t worth it, in his opinion.

The Falcons are already holding their own — they’re fourth in passing this season, averaging 290.8 yards per game through the air. Plus, Jones, himself, finished the year with 113 receptions for 1,677 yards and eight touchdowns.

That said, there is still no shortage of teams vying to get Antonio Brown on their team — even if they have to decide between his talent or his drama. Hopefully, in their eyes, one will outweigh the other, and Brown isn’t off the field for too long — especially since it would be a shame to see all that talent go to waste.

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