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Raptors forward Chris Boucher’s brutally honest take on not playing enough for Toronto

Chris Boucher, Raptors

After a breakout 2020 season that saw him blossom into a solid player, Chris Boucher has seemingly regressed. Toronto Raptors fans have been vocally critical of the Montreal native, as he hasn’t been playing to the same level as he has before. It has led to some wanting him to be traded away from the team.

After a solid performance against the Washington Wizards, Chris Boucher went into detail about how he’s attempting to be better and get more minutes from the Raptors. (via Josh Lewenberg)

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘why am I not playing?’ But then you go watch the clip and you’re like, ‘that’s why’. I’m trying to fix those reasons so I can be on the floor because I think I can help this team.”

A lot of Raptors fans noticed that Boucher has been playing a lot differently this season. Last season, he played within the system, taking shots in the flow of the offense and doing his job on defense. This season, though, the fan’s perception was that he was playing more selfishly: taking shots early in the shot clock, chasing blocks instead of boxing out, the like.

Clearly, though, Chris Boucher is aware of this. He knows himself that he isn’t playing up to his usual standards. It’s nice to see this sort of introspection from the Raptors forward, and it’s a sign of good things to come for him in the future.

With OG Anunoby still missing time due to injury, it’s important for the other Raptors players to step up. Chris Boucher is doing what he can to improve, even when he’s not on the court. That’s the sign of a well-coached team.