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Kyle Lowry has bigger things on his mind than Toronto being 1-6

Kyle Lowry Raptors

Though the Toronto Raptors suffered their sixth loss in the first seven games of the season on Wednesday, star guard Kyle Lowry declined to talk about their struggles in the post-game interview. Rather, Lowry sounded off on the riot by pro-Trump supporters at the US Capitol.

Per Josh Lewenberg, Lowry gently parried questions related to their 115-123 loss to the Suns wherein he chipped in 24 points, nine rebounds, and six rebounds. Instead, Lowry shared his thoughts on the violent protest at the US Capitol.

Lowry believes that if people of color were the ones who stormed the Capitol, it would’ve been a completely different situation. He also brought back the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. On Wednesday morning, the officer who shot Blake walked away without charges.

“The fact that people were allowed to basically take over a building without any type of enforcement, if they were people of colour I think it would’ve been a whole different situation… & what happened in Kenosha was a slap in the face to Black people all over the world”

The Raptors star noted that the rest of the NBA will continue to use their vast platform to voice out their sentiments with whatever is happening in the world.

Before tipoff, the Suns and the Raptors locked arms at the center of the court during the anthem. There was a risk that the games would be called off after the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics walked off before tip-off. But players were able to come to a decision to go ahead and suit up.