Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse is looking to tweak his offense due to the lack of a reliable shooting touch from Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

Nurse admitted that he's not too confident about relying on Hollis-Jefferson camping around the perimeter or behind the 3-point line, waiting for a wide-open shot. Instead, Nurse is looking at placing him along the baseline dump-off position.

“I’m not so sure we’re going to really bank on him to have to shoot, you know,” head coach Nick Nurse said, per Doug Smith of The Star. “I would see us playing him, you know, in our dunker spot along the baseline dump-off position, just because we’re able to. Like, if (Marc) Gasol could play with Rondae at four-five, we push Rondae inside.”

This adjustment, however, does not necessarily make Hollis-Jefferson — whom Toronto signed to a one-year deal this offseason — a liability. The Raptors' bigs such as Serge Ibaka and Chris Broucher are pretty comfortable outside the basket which is a great complement to Hollis-Jefferson's playstyle.

“Serge (Ibaka) can move out. Chris Boucher can move if they were all out there together. He’s really crafty around (the basket),” Nurse said. “Not only does he maybe disguise or hide his perimeter shooting a little bit, but he’s really good in there as well. That’s kind of what he does.”

Raptors fans need not worry about Hollis-Jefferson. Nurse has figured out a way how to utilize the five-year man. And he's going to be an asset as the team embarks on his mission to defend its title.