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Nick Nurse says Raptors’ starting lineup, rotation will be fluid

The Toronto Raptors will be one of the most intriguing teams to watch this season, given the roster changes that the team is going through. New head coach Nick Nurse says Toronto’s starting lineup and rotation will be fluid and will change from time to time.

TSN’s Josh Lewenberg discussed the arrival of Nurse and Kawhi Leonard to Toronto, and what to expect from the Raptors this upcoming season.

What’s noteworthy is Nurse has indicated that the experimentation is likely to continue into the games that matter. According to Toronto’s new head coach, who is known for his innovative mind and willingness to adapt on the fly, the Raptors may change up their rotation, including the starting lineup, on a game-to-game and perhaps even half-to-half basis throughout the season.

As such, Lewenberg expects Leonard and Kyle Lowry to be the only players locked in as starters. All signs point to Nurse prioritizing a small-ball lineup, causing the Raptors to deviate from their usual starting frontcourt of Jonas Valanciunas and Serge Ibaka.

Still, nothing is written on the wall just yet as the team’s slew of versatile players makes it easier for Nurse to change up his lineups.

“I think what’ll happen is you’ll throw a starting lineup out there and you’ll win a game and [think], ‘oh we don’t wanna change the starting lineup,” Nurse said following the team’s Sunday afternoon practice. “It’s almost like a superstition thing. I’d like to keep it a little fluid, only because I think this is a super versatile team and I’d like to keep us in a versatile mindset, especially starting out here.”

With this strategy in mind, Nurse looks to throw opposing teams off their plans. With all these lineup uncertainties, one thing is for sure: the Raptors will go as far as Leonard and Lowry can take them