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Video: Raptors fans’ love for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green is night and day

danny green, kawhi leonard

The Toronto Raptors scored a huge opening night victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, 116-104. The game also featured Kawhi Leonard’s first game at Air Canada Centre, where fans gave him all the love in the world.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for his teammate Danny Green, whom Leonard has played several years with going back to their San Antonio Spurs days.

Early in the game, the crowd’s enthusiasm for the former Defensive Player the Year was very much evident as they roared in unison every time he touches the ball.

But their cheers seemed to have an on and off switch that’s dedicated for Kawhi Leonard only as the excitement immediately dissipated when it was Green’s time to touch the ball, only to fire back up as soon as Leonard gets it.

It’s hilarious and a bit sad at the same time. It’s very weird how Raptors fans can flip the switch like that on their own player. Then again, we’d have to cut them some slack since they’re generally one of the most rabid fans in the league.

Kawhi Leonard needs to feel every ounce of adoration from his home fans if those from the North hope to convince him to re-sign next year in free agency.

For Danny Green, he’s a level-headed veteran so we’re pretty sure he did not mind the silence. He’s a decorated player who knows when to pick his spots so it’s a virtual lock that the Raptors crowd will eventually crank up the decibel meter for him.