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Ravens coach John Harbaugh responds to Lamar Jackson’s beach accident

Ravens, Lamar Jackson, John Harbaugh

Nearly a week ago, a video surfaced of Lamar Jackson playing football on the beach and being tackled over a jet ski. John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, responded to Jackson’s beach accident, per ESPN’s Jamison Hensley.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, players and coaches alike have been limited in what work they can do as a team this offseason. Therefore, players and coaches have attempted to find ways to pass the time until training camp.

However, given Harbaugh’s response, he didn’t seem entirely thrilled with Jackson. At the same time, he doesn’t feel the need to make the situation a bigger issue than it is, at least in public.

Heading into the 2020 NFL season, the Ravens are yet again projected to be one of the Super Bowl contenders in the AFC. While Baltimore has a well-rounded roster, the main reason why they are considered a contender is due to Jackson’s impressive 2019 campaign.

The former No. 32 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft threw for 3,127 yards, 36 touchdowns and six interceptions. He also contributed 1,206 yards and another seven touchdowns on the ground. As a result, Jackson became the second unanimous MVP in NFL history.

In their first two seasons together, Harbaugh and Jackson have built a special bond in Baltimore. The amount of trust that Harbaugh has already placed on the exhilarating quarterback is uncanny. And with Jackson being the team’s franchise quarterback and leader, Harbaugh wants to protect him at all costs.

Seeing that the Ravens are loaded in their backfield after adding J.K. Dobbins in the 2020 NFL Draft, they want Jackson to take fewer hits. Especially any hits that take place over or around a jet ski.