The numbers are out, and the new Zack Snyder movie Rebel Moon has had a massive debut on Netflix.

For the first three days of Part One: A Child of Fire's release, it had about 24 million views, The Hollywood Reporter states.

Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire has major streaming numbers

“It's been a truly unparalleled experience introducing Rebel Moon to global audiences, and I'm thrilled that the movie is #1 around the world,” director Snyder said. “We have the most dedicated and loyal fans across the world that any filmmaker could ask for, and seeing them consistently be supportive has been an enormously rewarding experience.”

The debut is good news, considering such dismal reviews. Currently, the film sits at 25% on Rotton Tomatoes. However, it does have a more positive audience score of 64%.

Wendy Ide, of The Observer (UK) said, “The story is a derivative mess that feels as though it was assembled from bits of plot picked off the carcasses of other, better films, and clued together with brain-numbing, pace-killing chunks of exposition.” She gave the film two stars. Ouch.

However, despite some negative reviews, it was Netflix's most-viewed title following its debut. The next best movie for the week that was streamed was Leave the World Behind, which had about 19.7 million views in seven days.

Rebel Moon is about a peaceful moon settlement. However, it's threatened by a leader with an army looking to disrupt things. Kora, a mysterious stranger (Sofia Boutella), is their survival's best hope.

It also stars Ed Skrein, Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, and Michiel Huisman.

Netflix did a lot of marketing for the film. It even staged “moon takeovers” which helped introduce fans to the film's world. Wheat fields located by the Tower Bridge and Pizaa Gae Aulenti had moon installation treatments. Also, the streaming service took over the Lublin Castle in Poland. Beyond that, installations were set up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Oslo, Norway. In Vegas, a drone show brought excitement to the film.

Check out Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire, now streaming on Netflix.