What will the Boston Red Sox do during the MLB trade deadline? Boston currently sits in limbo with their season sitting in a weird middle ground. With the deadline fast approaching, the team needs to make a decision. Will they sell their best assets and play for the next season? Or will they continue to fight for a playoff spot? One of the Red Sox's top people, assistant GM Eddie Romero, shared some insight on what Boston's strategy will be at the deadline… and how the team's performance affects their chances.

“I’ll echo what’s been said already, these couple weeks are critical,” Red Sox assistant general manager Eddie Romero told The Athletic on Saturday of how the team will approach the trade deadline. “We put ourselves in a good spot heading into the break, and hopefully this road trip, we’ll have a good record going back home, but I think that’ll dictate where we’re going… We have very little margin for error.”

Romero also stressed that the players know what's at stake over the next two weeks, and for good reason. If the Red Sox underperform before the trade deadline, then the chance of a team sale increases. Players like Kike Hernandez and Kenley Jansen will likely be on the chopping block, as they are veterans that can fetch a premium price on the market. If Boston succeeds, though, then these veterans have a chance to stay on the roster.

The Red Sox sit at 49-44, which is good for last place in the competitive AL East. With so many teams vying for the Wild Card spot and a pedestrian strength of schedule, there's a chance that the Boston brass pulls the plug on this season. Can this team's performance change their front office's mind, though?