The Detroit Red Wings finally added goal-scorer Alex DeBrincat in a trade with the Ottawa Senators on Sunday night. On Monday morning, the Michigan native spoke to the media for the first time as a member of his hometown team.

The 25-year-old forward acknowledged the team's fall from past glory. However, he credited the team's success during his childhood as a reason he plays the game. And if he has anything to say about it, Detroit will return to glory sooner rather than later.

“They were just so successful through my whole childhood. It was so fun to watch. That's a big reason why I play the game. To get to that point, that success, is definitely a goal of mine. Hopefully, we can be successful here again,” DeBrincat said, via The Detroit News.

DeBrincat comes to “Hockeytown” with much fanfare around him. He is just 25 years old but is already a two-time 40-goal scorer from his days with the Chicago Blackhawks. Furthermore, he has scored 25 or more goals in all but one season in his career.

This past season, DeBrincat scored 27 goals and 66 points for the Senators. Ottawa ended up missing the playoffs, and trade rumors around the new Red Wings star began soon after.

As part of the trade, the Red Wings signed DeBrincat to a four-year extension. The contract carries an annual average value of $7.875 million. However, DeBrincat's base salary is higher than that in the first three years and lower in the final season.

DeBrincat told reporters about the difficulties of the trade process. In the end, he believes it worked out as best it could. “It's nice to have that security for four years, for us and my family, just to settle down here, it's nice we don't have to leave home to go play. I think it was just a great fit for every aspect of our lives,” DeBrincat said.