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Redskins QB Case Keenum returns to practice for Washington


The Washington Redskins quarterback situation has gotten pretty crazy in recent days.

After two strong performances to start the year, Case Keenum looked absolutely dreadful in a Week 3 game against the Chicago Bears.

That stirred up some talk amongst the fans and analysts about the quarterback moving forward. Was it time to give Dwayne Haskins a try?

Then things went so crazy this week that no one knew what was happening. Colt McCoy was back at practice. He was a full participant, but the reports were that he wasn’t close to game action.

Then head coach Jay Gruden went from saying Haskins wasn’t ready to basically anything can happen.

After that, Keenum missed practice Wednesday because of a foot issue.

Now we’re back to square one it looks like though. Keenum has returned to practice.

So now it appears that talking point is gone. You could argue that he might not be 100%, but the fact that he’s out there speaks volumes.

Washington clearly doesn’t want to rush Haskins into anything and believe Keenum can help this offense. With him back at practice, it seems like there’s no doubt anymore. He’ll be the starter for their Week 4 contest with the New York Giants.

However, although the drama for this week is likely over, things are far from over for the year. Expect to hear a lot more about all three quarterbacks on a weekly basis from here on out. Is McCoy healthy? Is it time to put Haskins in the starting lineup? Can Keenum keep the team afloat?

Say what you want about the Redskins, but they’re definitely great at pumping out headlines.