Redskins news: Colt McCoy undergoes third procedure on injured leg
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Report: Redskins’ Colt McCoy undergoes third procedure on injured leg

Colt McCoy, Redskins

Washington Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy is expected to compete for the starting quarterback job, but he is going to need to get healthy first. According to JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington, McCoy is currently away from the team rehabbing from a third procedure on his injured leg.

McCoy was trying to rush back in case the Redskins made the playoffs, and that actually slowed down the recovery process and has required him to have a couple more procedures:

“I was pushing for that, I think we pushed a little too hard and it resulted in that one site not healing,” McCoy said, per “They just had to go in a do a procedure to help that area grow back together. So I’ll be non-weight bearing for a few weeks but it should heal pretty quickly.”

The expectation at that point was McCoy would be able to be back for OTAs, but another setback has made it so he can’t be there. Last year, McCoy threw for 372 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions in three starts. He has gone 1-5 as a starter for the Redskins for his career, but before trading for Case Keenum, they seemed confident that McCoy could be the starter this upcoming season.

Rumors have been picking up that the Redskins could select a quarterback in the first round, and that would mean more competition for the starting job. But for right now, the most important thing for McCoy is to get himself healthy.