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Redskins’ Josh Norman torches NFL analytics, saying “Who the heck is Pro Football Focus?”

Josh Norman

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman evidently doesn’t care too much about NFL analytics, specifically Pro Football Focus. Last season Norman was ranked by Pro Football Focus as the 49th best cornerback, but he told Ben Standig of The Athletic that he isn’t too concerned about that.

“Like, who the heck is Pro Football Focus? When have they become part of the team where they know the coverages, are in the meetings?”

Josh Norman doesn’t understand why people put so much stock into what Pro Football Focus says because it’s more than just a number that is given out. For Norman, it’s all about beating the guy across him more than that guy beats him, because he knows if he can continue to do that he will continue to have a job in the league.

The numbers? Nothing worked for me according to them from when they started it. I don’t get any verification from you to get my numbers. You were around when I got my numbers. … You’re not going to verify me when I get my next numbers. People get caught up in that crap. What you have to realize and understand is that what you do on the field has no numbers. It’s only you and that guy in front of you. Guess what? If you can’t beat him, then you’re not going to be here no matter how many numbers you have on there or whatever the stats say you are. If I can’t beat that guy across from me, if he beats me more times than I beat him, I’m not going to have a job. Me personally, I don’t care.”

It’s good to hear that Josh Norman is confident in his play, but he needs to make sure that his play doesn’t drop. There has been talk from people outside of Pro Football Focus who have also been talking about his decline; the best way to shut them up is with his play on the field.