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Redskins’ Ron Rivera gives an update on Trent Williams situation

Ron Rivera, Trent Williams, Redskins

The Washington Redskins gave Trent Williams an opportunity to seek a trade about a month ago, but a move involving the left tackle doesn’t seem imminent. While speaking to the media on Tuesday, Ron Rivera gave an update on Williams’ situation with the organization.

Williams has been asking for his release or to be traded from the Redskins since last offseason. However, Washington didn’t begin fielding offers for the veteran left tackle until earlier this offseason.

Even though Williams was given permission to seek a trade, his agent believes the Redskins aren’t taking his client’s demands seriously. Also, his agent exclaimed that teams have told him that Washington’s asking price for Williams are ‘absurd’.

The former first-round pick hasn’t played a game in the NFL since the 2018 season. Just last season, Williams sat out the entire year due to a medical dispute involving a tumor on his head. In addition, the Pro Bowl left tackle was interested in getting a new contract.

On the other hand, the Redskins haven’t shown any interest in signing Williams to a long-term extension. As for their asking price for Williams, they began trade talks looking for a first-round pick. Recent reports suggest that Washington is set on at least a second-round pick for Williams.

During his conversation with the media, Rivera made it clear that Williams is still under contract with the Redskins. Therefore, Washington doesn’t seem to be in a rush to trade Williams. For the time being, Williams and the Redskins appear to be at a standstill in trade negotiations.