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Redskins’ Vernon Davis says Alex Smith is ‘most resilient man I’ve ever met’

Veron Davis, Alex Smith

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith saw his first campaign with the franchise come to an abrupt end last month after he suffered a brutal leg injury in a loss to the Houston Texans. This has required Smith to undergo multiple surgeries to repair the injury, which has quickly become a concerning situation as he’s dealing with an infection that has kept in the hospital with questions about his long-term health.

In response to that, there has been an outpouring of support coming from his Redskins teammates, including veteran tight end Vernon Davis, who voiced that Smith is the ” most resilient man” he has ever known, according to Kareem Copeland and Scott Allen of The Washington Post.

Tight end Vernon Davis, who also played with Smith on the San Francisco 49ers, said that he wasn’t worried about Smith’s long-term outlook, adding, “Alex is the most resilient man I’ve ever met.”

Davis has spent many years as Smith’s teammate as the two played together with the San Francisco 49ers. There is a strong bond both and off the field that has been cultivated between the two that reaches further than the football field.

The 34-year-old Redskins quarterback is dealing with an injury that could greatly impact more than just his playing career but also his way of life. These concerns go far beyond anything sports related, and Davis and the rest of his teammates are hoping he can move past this setback to get back on track with his life. It will be a long recovery process for Alex Smith, but it’s one that the team wants him to be able to go through without any life-altering situations.