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Redskins release a statement on the Trent Williams situation

Trent Williams, Redskins

On Thursday, Trent Williams shared some information on why his relationship with the Washington Redskins has been ruined. Following his comments, Washington has released a statement on Williams’ situation, per Ian Rapoport.

Williams recently ended his holdout from the team that lasted five months. The veteran left tackle discovered that he had a rare form of cancer six years ago, but the team doctors diagnosed it as a minor issue.

Sadly, Williams ended up needing to get the growth that formed on his head removed during the offseason. Since then, Williams has no intention of playing for the Redskins again.

Now, he received a physical from the team and wound up failing it due to some discomfort when he put on a helmet. As a result, the Redskins appear to be trying to cover up this situation before it gets any worse than it already is.

Misdiagnosing an ailment is one thing, but to call the cancerous tumor on his head, a ‘minor’ issue is unjustifiable. In the NFL, players deal with plenty of injuries throughout their grueling careers.

It is up to the team doctors to assess the problem and advise the player on how to get better. On the other hand, the Redskins’ medical staff seems to be doing an awful job of taking care of their players.

Nevertheless, Washington is beginning a review that involves taking a look at Williams’ medical records. When that review is completed, we will see the truth come to light in this unfortunate occurrence.