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Trent Williams reveals he had cancer, claims Redskins diagnosed it as minor

Trent Williams, Redskins

Returning from a holdout which lasted five months, Washington Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams revealed he had a rare form of cancer team doctors failed to detect.

Williams came to team doctors many times over six years about a growth that developed on the top of his head, but his concerns were not taken seriously until the team tested the growth last December. The tests revealed Williams had Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans, a form of cancer that develops in deep layers of the skin.

Williams says doctors removed the growth before it reached his brain, which could have killed him. To be clear, Williams is now healthy. Football-playing shape is another matter.

The news comes after Williams continues to express anger toward the Redskins organization, that failed to sign him to a long-term contract or respect his desire to be traded.

Trent Williams ended his holdout and returned to the team, but failed his physical after feeling uncomfortable putting on a helmet. Washington has a two-week roster exemption for Williams, but will be forced to place him on injured reserve if he is unable to pass his next physical.

Williams is one of the best left tackles and offensive lineman in the league with seven straight Pro Bowl nods.

Washington remains one of the most undesirable places to play, with its treatment of players, front office misgivings, and failed coaching tenures. With the Redskins being 1-7 so far in 2019, Trent Williams is in no rush to return to the team if a potential long-term contract emerges from another NFL club. This presumes that he is not brought back by the Redskins or traded next season.