Two former rivals in the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers have fallen on tough times lately, and now they're currently in talks to make a deal to help them potentially become playoff contenders once again.

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Kings are “heavily engaged in trade talks” to land former number two overall pick D'Angelo Russell from Los Angeles.

During his rookie season with the Lakers, Russell showed flashes of brilliance with spectacular dribble moves and a deadly outside shot, but he clashed with former head coach Byron Scott and he found himself on the bench more often than the Lakers' front office probably liked.

If Sacramento is serious about acquiring Russell, they'd likely have to give up their All-Star center, DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings don't have any other assets that would entice Los Angeles to part ways with their promising young point guard.

The Lakers have previously been connected in trade talks for Cousins, going back to last year's draft.

In picking Duke's Brandon Ingram instead of a guard like Kris Dunn, the Lakers would need to find another starting point guard if they send D'Angelo up north to California's capital.

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