Report: Warriors have no interest in signing Larry Sanders
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Report: Warriors have no interest in signing Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders

Things finally appear to be getting back to normal for former Milwaukee Bucks power forward, Larry Sanders. After deciding to leave the game while battling both anxiety and depression, Sanders is ready to make a comeback.

And he’s bringing a sense of humor with him.

Just a few days ago, Sanders trolled the NBA world by hinting that he’ll either sign with the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers. He did so with a pair of consecutive tweets:

However, the interest apparently isn’t mutual with the Dubs. From ESPN’s Ethan Strauss:

Larry Sanders, who is currently retired, might have hinted at joining Golden State on social media, but that marriage does not appear to be in the cards. The Warriors looked into Sanders as a possible signing, but decided against it.

Sanders left the game in the December of 2014 as he struggled with his mental health issues. At the time, he was clear that he wanted to come back when he was better.

When right, Sanders was an elite defender who protected the rim proficiently for the Bucks. He would have filled a need for Golden State in that regard, but a lot of other factors go into signing a player. Especially when that guy hasn’t played in the NBA in nearly two years.

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