Capcom has finally unveiled what the Resident Evil Village DLC will be about – which makes the new Gold Edition a very tempting purchase.

Resident Evil Village DLC Winters’ Expansion adds new campaign Shadows of Rose, Third Person Perspective, and new playable characters for Mercenaries Mode

Capcom revealed on Tuesday during the Capcom Showcase the new Resident Evil Village DLC that the company promised fans nearly a year ago. The new DLC will be called the Winters’ Expansion and will contain multiple new content, including a new story campaign featuring Ethan Winters’ daughter, Rose.

Rosemary Winters spent the entirety of Resident Evil Village being a baby that her father Ethan tried to save all throughout the game. In the game’s epilogue (SPOILERS!), it was then revealed that Ethan’s sacrifice was not for nothing – as Rose grew up to be perfectly healthy. And now, after a full year since the release of the best-selling game, we’ll get to play as Rose Winters. In the Shadows of Rose story campaign, players take control of 16-year-old Rose as the DLC’s protagonist. The DLC will feature her having to survive horrors of her own, which includes her own terrifying powers. As someone who would rather live a normal life, Rose embarks on a quest to find a way to break free from the curse of the Megamycete, which then takes her to a mysterious realm where memories of the past return to create a warped and twisted world of nightmares.

Existing screenshots of the story campaign show familiar settings, and also show Rose’s capability to defend herself with firearms. We also caught a glimpse of The Duke who now also appears to be a villain, summoning creatures to haunt Rose. During the recent Resident Evil Showcase, we also caught a glimpse of what the story has to offer. We also saw more gameplay snippets, showing off that Rose is not someone to be messed with. This is thanks to her firearm training, as well as the aforementioned powers she has access to. She’ll need it, as the monsters in this realm can take her down in one hit.

New Third-Person Perspective

Players can now get behind Ethan as he attempts to find his missing daughter – quite literally. Although this has been done by mods before, players now have a straightforward way of playing Resident Evil Village in third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective. This will no doubt give a different feel to the game, making it feel less scary for sure, and definitely more playable for those who can’t take extreme horror.

Sadly, this new third-person perspective comes included in the DLC and doesn’t appear to be a free update.

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Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu join Mercenaries Mode

Those who were disappointed by the lackluster Mercenaries Mode would find some motivation to try the mode again in the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC called The Mercenaries Additional Orders. The arcade-style game mode gets an update with additional stages and new playable characters in the form of Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu. Each new character bring new abilities to the table, like how Heisenberg wields a giant hammer and has the ability to control magnetic forces.

Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion Release Date: October 28, 2022

Resident Evil Village’s DLC pack, which includes Shadows of Rose, third-person mode, and the Mercenaries Mode upgrades, will arrive on October 28, 2022. While no pricing has been revealed yet, it’s expected to be purchasable by anyone who already owns a copy of Resident Evil Village on their platform of choice. In addition to that, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will be coming with the Winters’ Expansion pre-packaged with it, perfect for Resident Evil fans who have somehow not yet played Resident Evil Village.