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Resident Evil Village Puppet Show convinces you they’re not scary

Resident Evil Village, Capcom

Resident Evil Village is Capcom’s latest entry in its best-selling franchise. While the series prides itself on being the grand-daddy of the whole Survival Horror genre, some innocuous little puppets want you to think otherwise. Yes, Capcom produced a series of RE Village puppet commercials to try to convince you that the game won’t be scary. The series has four videos in total, which all make their home on Capcom’s Youtube Channel.

Resident Evil Village Puppet Shows English Version

Those of you who played Resident Evil Village already know that there are four spooky beings you’d have to beat. But these four would like you to believe that they’re nothing but harmless friends. Come and visit them in their castle sometime for dinner, please?

Previously the RE Village Puppet Show only had a Japanese version. Thankfully, fans from the NEXTGEN YouTube channel had the great idea of captioning all four episodes into English. They credit Holmes Translations for the English translations. Now, we can enjoy watching the puppet show and totally not get scared of the four boss beings in the game. Meet Big Sister Dimi, Moreau-kun, Mr. Heisen, and Angie, and watch them be totally harmless and friendly in this series of videos. Okay, but seriously though. The Puppet Show might seem adorable, but they’re still not exactly kid-friendly.

Episode 1 – Watch Capcom’s adorable Resident Evil Village Puppet Show

Episode 2 Big Sister Dimi explains Resident Evil Village in Part 2 of the Resident Evil Puppet Show

Episode 3 – Mr. Heisen makes a killing machine in Part 3 of the Resident Evil Puppet Show

Episode 4  Moreau brushes his teeth and Mother Miranda pays a visit

Resident Evil Village released on May 7, 2021, to rave reviews. So far, its performance on the PC platform Steam says that it might just be the strongest RE game yet. And that’s just for the PC. Wait until we get the figures in the consoles as well.