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Resident Evil Village in Steam Top Sellers, sets series records

Resident Evil Village, Capcom, Steam

Resident Evil Village may just top the franchise’s best-selling lists if their launch performance is any indication. The rave reviews the game received prior to its launch helped boost its sales, too. In addition to that, fans obviously had fun with the game, making mods even from its limited demo. Therefore, it’s not at all surprising to see Resident Evil Village perform so well.

Resident Evil Village tops Steam Charts at launch

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners tweets about the best-selling titles on Steam for the week ending May 9. Resident Evil Village released on May 7, and three SKUs with the game appeared on Steam’s top ten list. Village itself tops the list, with Resident Evil 7 bundle and RE7 bundle pre-order appearing 6th and 7th respectively. Another highly-anticipated game, Hood: Outlaws & Legends topped the list, trailing behind RE8PUBG, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Nier Automata, and It Takes Two also appear on the list.

Aside from selling good numbers, RE Village also recorded highs for the franchise. The game crashed through the 106,000 ceiling of concurrent players on Steam, becoming the most-played RE game of all time. It also performed well on Twitch, peaking at 645,000 concurrent viewers across different channels.

Capcom has not released any official figures yet, but estimates on at least the Steam platform range between 170,000 to over a million. Add sales on other consoles, and Village may just become Capcom’s strongest launch this year. It may as well beat RE6‘s lifetime sales in a few months’ time.

Steam reviews from players have also been overwhelmingly positive, with 92% of players giving the game a thumbs up.