The prequel series to the Lord of the Rings just landed on Amazon Prime Video with a two-episode premier and it’s turning definitely turning heads. But while the beloved films focus more on how to defeat Sauron, this one deals with how he amassed power in Middle-Earth after the fall of his master, Morgoth. We take a look below at this Rings of Power episode 2 ending explained to learn more about what really happened with Galadriel, Nori, and Elrond, among others.

Rings of Power episode 2 ending explained

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After being given passage back to Valinor, Galadriel jumps from a ship into the Sundering Seas to pursue Sauron. While this is happening, Nori decides to take care of a bearded man who fell from the sky, much to Poppy’s refusal to do so. The pair smuggle the man back into their camp and hide him under a tree from their fellow Harfoots.

Cloaked in the darkness of the night, Arondir and Bronwyn examine Hordern and whatever is left of it.  They discover the town to be ravaged by various fissures that lead to an underground passage, which Arondir decides to explore alone. The following day, Elrond promises to aid Celebrimbor’s plant to construct a massive forge by enlisting the aid of the dwarves.

The pair travel to Khazad-dum, or Moria, the realm of the dwarves ruled by Durin III. After being rejected, Elrond enters alone by invoking the Rite of Sigin-tarâg, or a test of endurance against his supposed friend, Prince During IV. The pair break countless rocks until the elf submits to the dwarf’s prowess and is proclaimed banished. Elrond implores Durin IV to escort him out, a notion that the prince agrees to.

Nori, meanwhile, checks back on the bearded man. After examining various carvings on the rocks, he suddenly lashes out until she calms him down. Even with no memory and a difference in dialect, Nori makes an effort to communicate with the bearded man and gives him some food. He becomes anxious again while uttering Mana over and over again. As this is happening, Largo, Nori’s father twists his ankle, which causes their whole camp to be slowed down throughout their journey.

Back in the Sundering Seas, Galadriel is spotted by several individuals floating in a makeshift boat. They tell her that their ship was attacked by a sea worm, causing them to be stranded. As she is being interrogated, they discover that Galadriel is an elf, instantly causing them to be angry at her. Before they can take action, the worm returns and attacks them. She escapes its wrath while the others on the boat are eaten by the monster. Only Halbrand survives and takes Galadriel back on a much smaller floating piece of wood.

As During IV is escorting Elrond out, the elf discovers that he is angry because he hasn’t visited him for over 20 years. After an intense argument, Elrond manages to convince the dwarf to apologize to his wife and children. Much to Princess Disa’s joy and Durin IV’s annoyance, they have him over for dinner where the pair reconcile. Elrond seeks an audience with his father, Durin III, to enlist their aid for Celebrimbor’s plan.

After surviving a worm attack, Galadriel learns that Halbrand’s people have been attacked by Orcs. She asks him to help her find these Orcs, which in turn, would lead the path to Sauron. For his own part, Halbrand refuses to return to what happened before.

Bronwyn tries to warn the town about an unseen danger making its way toward them and implores the people to evacuate. Her son, Theo, is at home alone when something makes its way under the floor. He hides until Bronwyn returns. They tried to hide at first but are spotted by an orc. Both mother and son fight it until they are successful in killing the orc. Meanwhile, Arondir explores the tunnels only to be abducted by several orcs. Over at the bar, Bronwyn shows an orc’s severed head to the townspeople and asks them again to leave for an Elven tower before they arrive.

Staring at the night sky full of stars, the bearded stranger is approached by Nori and Poppy. They discover that he’s looking at a constellation, which causes the pair to help him find those stars. Meanwhile, Durin IV speaks to his father about Elrond’s proposal and how he trusts the elf. Durin III then tells his son that there’s something he’s not saying and he fears that he is after a matter of importance to their race. He then opens a chest, which contains something that glows and is presumed to be of great value. This item is expected to be Mithril, a precious metal discovered by the dwarves of Khazad-dum.

Right before departing, Theo inspects a broken sword bearing the mark of Sauron. It draws his blood, causing the blade to almost reform. Bronwyn calls him out and they leave home. A storm occurs over in the Sundering Seas, which endangers both Galadriel and Halbrand. The pair survive only to find a man with a cape standing over them aboard another ship.

What just happened? A Rings of Power episode 2 recap

While the first episode was mostly spent on setting up the Second Age, the world upon which Rings of Power is based, the second episode shows several hints on what the conflict might be and the antagonists behind it. Using several fronts, including those of Galadriel, Elrond and Durin, Nori and the bearded stranger, and Bronwyn’s effort to evacuate a town, these show different races and their respective perspectives on the situations they are facing.

With the world of Rings of Power set up, the stage is set for Sauron to be shown anytime soon. It also brings the various races and their storylines to converge further as they inch closer to the threat of the still unseen enemy. In any case, this premiere is a strong one, although it veers away from J.R.R. Tolkien’s source material by adding several elements to it. Nevertheless, this is one beautiful series from Amazon with a lot of promise down the line.