Thursday evening, the Houston Rockets and Miami Heat faced off in a close one, which the former ended up winning 101-99. The Rockets' superstar point guard in Chris Paul played only 12 minutes before leaving with six minutes left in the second quarter. The Rockets at the time were leading 45-37.

Chris Paul's injury came on a play that seemed fairly harmless. Paul was doing his signature behind the back move past half-court, and suddenly he cut right. The ball was poked away by the Heat's Derrick Jones Jr. At that very moment, the Rockets court general hobbled off to the bench clutching the back of his left leg.

After an MRI scan, Houston ruled that Chris Paul had a Grade-2 Left-hamstring strain. He will rest for two weeks and then be re-evaluated.

The Rockets are 16-15 on the season and are eighth in the NBA's Western Conference standings. They started out extremely slow, losing wings Trevor Ariza and Luca Mbah Moute to free agency. Their defense has been really poor and it has all rested on the shoulders of P.J. Tucker, who leads the team in minutes.

Chris Paul's health has also been a negative for the team this year when he has played, he's been very inconsistent. It really seems like the 33-year-old point guard is now past his elite form.

Thankfully, James Harden has played like an MVP candidate lately. He has averaged 31.8 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 8.4 assists per game while shooting 45.1 percent from the field.

The Rockets will play the San Antonio Spurs this upcoming Saturday at home.