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Rockets’ Clint Capela confident in becoming an All-Star in 2018-19

Clint Capela was rightly compensated for a career-best season after pulling away from the shadow of Dwight Howard, forging himself as one of the Houston Rockets’ foundational building blocks. Yet an All-Star snub stung the Swiss big man last season, and he’s hoping his fortune can change in the upcoming 2018-19 season, according to Kelly Iko of The Athletic.

“It sucked,” he said. “I definitely think I should have been [this year], but I didn’t complain about it. It’s all about the consistency. By just doing the work that I do, for sure I’ll be an All-Star next year.”

Capela averaged 13.9 points, 10.8 rebounds and 1.9 blocks in 27.5 minutes per game last year. He is now looking to expand his repertoire, step-by-step, going from being a play-finisher in the paint to one capable of knocking down the mid-range shot, despite the Rockets’ constantly drilled basketball philosophy of 3s and layups.

Yet Capela isn’t stopping at just getting an All-Star nod, but becoming the best center in the NBA, a long climb after recently emerging as a viable force inside the paint.

“Of course,” said Capela. “As a basketball player, I like to do it. Makes me feel good. So yeah, why not? You never say never. You like to expand your game, and I like to expand my game.”

While his mechanics are still awkward, as was his free-throw shooting form to begin his career, it’s a process that will take time, patience, and endless repetition, honing the craft day after day in pursuit of his ultimate goal.