Daryl Morey took notes once again with his Houston Rockets being considered the massive underdog against the top-seeded Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the playoffs.

The Rockets general manager took a screenshot of ESPN's predictions, as 20 writers picked the Lakers to win, with Houston receiving no votes in favor:

Surprisingly enough, none of the 20 polled ESPN writers had a sweep in favor of the Lakers, with most envisioning a six or seven-game series.

The Rockets survived a seven-game first-round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder by the skin of their teeth, carrying on to the second round thanks to a timely James Harden block in the last seconds of regulation.

Los Angeles smoked the Portland Trail Blazers after losing Game 1 of the series, trotting out convincing performances as LeBron James and Anthony Davis stepped up with huge numbers.

The Lakers' sheer size should present a big problem for the small-ball Rockets, who showed their share of weaknesses down low with P.J. Tucker giving up some height advantage to the likes of Steven Adams and Nerlens Noel.

Tucker is going to have a lot of responsibility:


Davis is a proven threat around the rim and is much-more polished at the offensive end than the two aforementioned, making him a key player in this series. Not to mention he was part of the Defensive Player of the Year conversation, which adds another layer of depth for Los Angeles.

Daryl Morey is looking to slap these predictions back in the faces of the writers who aren't giving his team a chance. Yet Harden, Tucker, and Russell Westbrook will have to do a lot of heavy lifting if these scribes are to end up on @OldTakesExposed anytime soon. While it may be a long shot, don't count out Houston.