Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey says the Golden State Warriors don't look as good as last year sometimes because they are “bored.”

The Warriors have played in four-straight NBA Finals and won three of them. Golden State is currently up 3-2 against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Dubs, surprisingly, lost Games 2 and 5 at home.

“Sometimes the Warriors don't look as good as last year,” Morey told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck. “But honestly when I look at it, I think it's just they're bored and they can still flip the switch.

“They're gonna be incredibly difficult. Most series come down to your best players — especially your best five going against their best five. They actually have more of their best five this year than last year because they did have [Andre] Iguodala out last year.”

The Rockets have already advanced to the second round and are waiting for the Warriors to defeat the Clippers.

Golden State defeated Houston in the 2018 Western Conference Finals in seven games. The Rockets want their revenge against the Dubs this season.

Human nature has set in for the Warriors. They often times need to be punched in the month to wake up since they have played in four consecutive NBA Finals.

The Rockets, led by James Harden and Chris Paul, are hoping they can catch Golden State at a bad time and defeat them in the second round this year.