Minnesota Timberwolves guard Derrick Rose has found a new defender of his legacy in Houston Rockets shooting guard Eric Gordon.

When Gordon was asked by a random Twitter user about his thoughts on the former NBA Most Valuable Player, he didn’t hide his true feelings about Rose while calling out people who are spending precious time hating on the veteran point guard.

“If y’all don’t love Derrick rose, then idk what to say to ya. Probably the most athletic point guard to ever play this game. I see people tend to seek the negative quicker than the positive on his career. Completely unfair.”

By and large, Rose is one of the most likable players in the history of the NBA. During the brief time he spent at the top of his athletic prowess in the pros, he was able to mesmerize and infect people with his charisma through a rare combination of speed, explosiveness, and demeanor.

Injuries cut Rose’s peak short and robbed basketball fans of a copious amount of highlight plays the former No. 1 overall pick could’ve made had he not suffered those debilitating health issues, but at least he remains rostered in an NBA team.

Rose and Eric Gordon both entered the league in 2008, with the latter being selected by the L.A. Clippers, six picks after the Chicago Bulls took the former Memphis Tiger off the board with the top overall pick.

Rose will be opening the upcoming season with the Timberwolves after signing a one-year deal with the team back in July.

Last season, Rose averaged 8.4 points, 1.4 rebounds, and 1.5 assists in 25 games split between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Timberwolves.