It would be an understatement to recognize that Gerald Green is having an incredible start to his season, playing with the Houston Rockets. In his last four games as a member of the Rockets, Green has averaged 21 points, while shooting 58 percent from the field and an incredible 60 percent from deep. One of Green's most notable moments was his explosive 29-point game against the Golden State Warriors, where he made eight threes, including a highly-contested triple over Draymond Green.

Though, Green wasn't always shooting the lights out on a NBA team. He was doing so in his driveway against his pet dog, whom he calls appears to be ferocious defender. According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, Green had an interesting take on his solo career before his stint with the Rockets.

“All I've been doing is shooting in my driveway and playing one-on-one with my Rottweiler,”

It appears that Green's rottweiler is an amazing partner since Green is doing so well in his time with the Rockets. Head coach Mike D'Antoni has been grateful for Green's performances, especially since James Harden is absent with a hamstring injury for at least two weeks.

“Thank goodness we got him. He's been really good. He's not just good. It's not like, ‘Oh, this is nice.' He's been really good.”

Green may have just played his way into a guaranteed stay with the Rockets. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Rockets have guaranteed Green's contract for the rest of the season. In just a few weeks, Green went from playing with his dog to helping the Rockets succeed on a guaranteed contract. Hopefully, Green can continue to contribute in the Rockets' favor.