Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green will be suspended for two games because of the infamous locker room incident after the game against the L.A. Clippers Monday night.

According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, the Rockets are “shocked and disappointed” that Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers will not be facing any disciplinary action from the NBA.

The Rockets believed that Griffin and Rivers played major roles in inciting Ariza.

Ariza's anger then led to the locker room incident, wherein several Rockets players tried to storm into the Clippers' locker room to confront Clippers players.

The Rockets believed that Griffin intentionally bumped into Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni. That incident eventually led to a confrontation between Griffin and Ariza.

The Rockets also claimed that Rivers was talking trash to Ariza late in the game. That incident again led to a Griffin-Ariza confrontation that ejected both players.

Again, according to the Rockets, the Clippers continued to talk trash in the locker room, loud enough for Ariza to hear what they were saying as he walked in the hallway.

The multiple incidents meant to incite Ariza made the Rockets forward do what he did — storm into the Clippers' locker room through a passageway with Gerald Green.

Ariza and Green are the only players who will be facing disciplinary actions. Even the Rockets' James Harden and Chris Paul are not facing punishments, even though they were in the passageway with Ariza and Green.

It was learned that Harden and Paul were only in the passageway to deescalate the situation.