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Jalen Green perfectly sums up what’s wrong with Rockets after loss to Knicks

Houston Rockets, Jalen Green

Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green is calling for an immediate solution to his team’s constant poor form.

It has become apparent that the Rockets are in for a long, exhausting and difficult season. However, star rookie Jalen Green is not succumbing to the idea of being written off outright.

During the Rockets’ recent visit to the Madison Square Garden, Houston was able to stay close to the New York Knicks, even managing to be up by one heading into the fourth. It was a close back and fourth dog fight until the Rockets eventually lost their grip in the final minutes of the game.

Atop that, the Knicks were able to nail two crucial three-pointers courtesy of Alec Burks to give New York a comfortable eight-point lead approaching the last two minutes.

The Rockets eventually fell short-handed and lost to the Knicks 106-99. After the game, Jalen Green stressed that “the team can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, in terms of fourth-quarter collapses.” Moreover, he also emphasized the need to maintain good “ball movement and good execution” instead of going for “isolation” plays, per The Athletic’s Kelly Iko.

While Green is disappointed over the Rockets’ playing style, Houston head coach Stephen Silas, on the other hand, admitted that the challenge is more on forming the best lineup possible.

Addressing the issue on Friday’s team practice, Silas assessed that it will be very difficult to rotate players if the Rockets “continue to play smaller” with Christian Wood playing center, via Houston Chronicle.