The James Harden hostility in Houston has officially begun. After the former MVP got his wish and was finally shipped out from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets in a blockbuster trade, citizens of Clutch City are starting to get rid of their formerly beloved #13 jerseys.

On Wednesday, hours before the deal was finalized, a car wash in Houston started to accept Harden jerseys for a free car wash. In a clip (via NBA Central), an employee from the said establishment took a black Harden jersey from a customer and put it in a bin labeled “Trash Harden Jerseys Here”.

A Harden jersey for a free car wash? That sounds like a reasonable deal for a fanbase scorned.

After eight seasons, consecutive trips to the playoffs, three scoring titles and a 2018 MVP nod, Harden is finally out of H-Town. The 31-year old has been in and out of training camp as of late and has been wanting out of Houston even before the season started. The front office tried to keep him to open the season but finally pulled the trigger after Harden's most recent comments after their loss to Los Angeles Lakers.

After all those years, you'd think the city would repay Harden with gratefulness and love but given that things ended on quite a sour note, you'd understand the fans' hate and animosity towards their former superstar. Harden balled out in Houston's first three games, even after training camp anomalies, and basically checked himself out with sub-par performances in his last days as a Rocket.

With all the drama and controversy he's unearthed over the past few weeks, don't be surprised if we see more James Harden slander coming out of Houston within the next few days.