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Rockets star James Harden sued for damages at $30 million Beverly Hills mansion

James Harden, Rockets

Houston Rockets superstar James Harden is being sued by the owner of the mansion he recently rented in Beverly Hills.

George Santo Pietro, the owner of a 14,500-square-foot estate in the heart of Beverly Hills, said that Harden signed a contract to use his home as a place for vacation and that the NBA star paid $82,000. However, he said that the Rockets superstar lied to him about the use of his property, adding that the former league MVP violated some of the things in their contract — including a rule that states Harden cannot have more than seven adults in the mansion, per TMZ.

Santo Pietro said Harden had more than 15 people on the property at least twice during the week that he rented it. The owner said there wouldn’t have been a problem with that, as he could’ve just charged Harden an extra had he known more individuals would be present in his place. Moreover, Santo Pietro said there were damages in his property and that the neighbors weren’t happy.

Santo Pietro is suing Harden for fraud and punitive damages and wants the Rockets All-Star to pay $300,000. He added that he didn’t want things to go public, but The Beard wouldn’t cooperate.

Harden has yet to respond to these accusations from Santo Prieto.

This is a developing story and more updates will be provided as they become available.