The NBA put on a brave stand during Wednesday's games by collectively protesting the riots incited by Donald Trump's rabid supporters at the US Capitol. While most teams were in unison and knelt during the anthem, the spotlight was soon shifted to Houston Rockets' controversial guard James Harden.

The one time league MVP, after all, drew flak last year at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement when he was pictured wearing a bandana promoting the Blue Lives Matter movement catered to law enforcement. Harden's good friend Young Thug infamously defended The Beard back in July claiming he had no idea what that logo represented.

One Twitter user, meanwhile, decided to poke fun at the rapper's earlier comments after Harden was rather silent on social media when the whole riot at the US Capitol went down. Per The Athletic's Kelly Iko, the 31-year-old superstar claimed he was unaware of the whole ordeal despite it being all over the news since morning.

Harden's intriguing response certainly brought out the perfect opportunity to bring back Young Thug's tweet that multi-millionaire athlete had no internet.

James Harden, meanwhile, continues to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons for his complicated relationship with the Rockets brass. The 8-time All-Star has already expressed his desire to play elsewhere this season. While those trade talks have died down, for now, seems like that whole bandana incident is once again coming back to haunt him. Harden's rather curt response about not seeing the riots only strengthens the notion that he truly knew what he was doing when he donned those colors.