The Houston Rockets are in a must-win situation heading into tonight's Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors, and while everyone seems to talk about James Harden's heroics every time they win and struggles every time they lose, Rockets legend Mario Elie wants to see more from veteran guard Chris Paul.

Hunter Atkins of Houston Chronicle had a chance to interview Elie, who said that he's tired of seeing CP3 not being criticized despite his lack of contribution in the series against the Warriors.

“I'm tired of Chris Paul getting a pass. I'm tired of James Harden having to carry the load. Chris Paul just signed a $160 million contract and is averaging 12 points a game. He needs to step his game up. He needs a signature game, whether it's tonight or in Game 7. He needs to give me a 26 and 13. He owes the team. He owes the city that. All these 12 points, 13 points, that ain't gonna get you far in the playoffs. He needs to play better. James is carrying a lot of the load, but Chris Paul needs to carry some of that also.”

A lot of people believe that Paul's absence was the main reason why the Rockets lost to the Warriors in the Western Conference finals last season. However, he's been underwhelming in the playoffs this season despite being healthy. It looks like he's way past his prime and is just a shell of his old self.

CP3 is considered as one of the best pure point guards of all-time. He can definitely light up the stat sheet when he wants to, and he definitely needs to do that tonight if the Rockets want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Paul has scored 20 points once and never reached double figures in assists during these playoffs. Elie believes that he can do produce more, and for someone who understands the magnitude of a closeout game, the man who helped the Rockets win two titles back in the 90s wants to see CP3 deliver a game that will remind everyone that he's still not done. That he's still one of the best players in the league.

That he's still Chris Paul.