Trevor Ariza has been suspended by the NBA for two games, but it appears like the Houston Rockets forward only learned of the suspension through the media and not through the league.

Ariza's suspension stems from his significant role in the infamous L.A. Clippers locker room incident.

Ariza, together with his teammates Gerald Green, James Harden and Chris Paul, stormed to the Clippers locker room after a heated game against the L.A. team at the Staples Center last Monday.

Ariza had altercations with L.A. star Blake Griffin during the game, prompting the two players to be ejected. Clippers' Austin Rivers, though did not suit up for the game, allegedly trash talked Ariza from the bench, but the dispute was later revealed to be a major misunderstanding and Ariza has since apologized.

One other player received a two-game suspension because of the incident – Green.

Harden and Paul didn't receive any disciplinary action because the league's investigation concluded that only Ariza and Green were the aggressors while Paul and Harden were guys attempting to diffuse the situation.

No Clippers player was punished for the incident.

The Rockets played their first game without Ariza and Green last night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Coincidentally, it is also the first game back for Harden who missed seven straight games due to a hamstring strain suffered against the Lakers two weeks ago.