With the way things are going right now for the Houston Rockets, naturally, many would think that Houston should begin their rebuilding phase, involving trying to put themselves in the best position possible for future lottery and draft picks. However, the Rockets have made it known that they are disinterested in trading veterans on their roster, via Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

In addition, Adam Wells of BleacherReport reported the following about the Rockets attitude about beginning the rebuilding phase, via Feigen:

“…the Rockets have ‘no interest' in tanking by ‘by trading off veterans to collect assets and losses that could help lottery chances.'”

The 2020-2021 NBA season has been one to forget for the Rockets, as they are currently sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference, just ahead of the Minnesota Timberwolves with a record of 11-23. They have lost their last 13 games and the playoffs are out of the question for the Rockets.

Long-time franchise face James Harden left the team to join the star-studded Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference, and big man DeMarcus Cousins was released not too long ago after the Rockets guaranteed his salary for the season, according to Auston Konenski of Yardbarker.

Though the prospect of John Wall and Victor Oladipo leading the frontcourt gave some hope to the city of Houston, they have found nothing but disappointment this season. Evidently, change is on the horizon for the Rockets, but if they are unwilling to trade some veterans, such as Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker, Oladipo, or Wall, in order to get an early pick in the draft, how will the Rockets go about the rebuilding phase?

Time will tell how the Rockets go about this process, as they will continue to give it their all until the last game of the season.