John Wall and the Houston Rockets have made it known that they're headed for divorce. But it's proving to be much easier said than done to actually find a trade partner.

ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski spoke out about the prospect of the Rockets trading John Wall. He claimed that it would be “almost impossible” for them to get it done without attaching assets that they'd rather keep.

“I think trading John Wall, with two years left and over $90 million is almost impossible unless the Rockets, all of a sudden decide that they're willing to attach a number of first round picks and I don't see that scenario. I think he's going to be in Houston a while unless he's willing to take money and agree to a buyout, but he doesn't want to do that right now.”

John Wall is shockingly tied for the second-highest paid player in the NBA, behind only Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and is tied with Rockets frenemy James Harden. You'd be hard-pressed to find a team willing to take on superstar salary over two seasons for a player that may not even be worth half of that.

The Rockets have their eyes set on the future. But while John Wall is still on the roster, they'll still be bound by a $91 million weight in the meantime.