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Video: James Harden drops Jamal Murray with crossover then hits 3-pointer plus a foul

If you are a player matched up one-on-one against Houston Rockets star guard James Harden, you should say a prayer and hope he doesn’t embarrass you in front of 20,000 people.

Unfortunately for Denver Nuggets shooting guard Jamal Murray, he was stuck on Harden Island in Houston on Monday night, and it didn’t end well for the sharpshooter. The reigning MVP crossed Murray up so bad that he fell to the ground.

When Murray got up, he tried to contest Harden’s 3-pointer, but he ended up fouling The Beard and giving Harden a chance at a 4-point play. It was just an overall bad sequence for Murray:

James Harden is establishing himself as one of the best isolation players in NBA history. He entered Monday leading the league in points per game, and his step-back jumper is unguardable.

Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni has said multiple times that James Harden is the best offensive player he has seen in NBA history. Chris Paul has said some similar statements as well. The numbers Harden has been putting up lately are just mind boggling. He’s making scoring the basketball look way too easy.

If Houston continues to win and James Harden keeps putting up these staggering numbers, he could very well win the MVP award again.