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Ron Rivera, Dwayne Haskins, Washington Football Team

Ron Rivera benching Dwayne Haskins shouldn’t come as a surprise

On Wednesday, Washington football team head coach Ron Rivera made the move to pull his starting quarterback, Dwayne Haskins. The former first-round pick will be replaced with Kyle Allen when they play the Los Angeles Rams in Week 5.

Furthermore, there have been reports that say Haskins has been demoted to third-string QB, with returning signal-caller Alex Smith surpassing him.

On the daily Locked On Washington Football Team podcast, host Chris Russell explained to fans that despite only getting four starts under the new head coach, Haskins was given more time than other members of the team.

Chris Russell: Ron Rivera and Scott Turner inherited Dwayne Haskins. My understanding is that the feeling was that they were very leery.

They had major questions. They had major reservations. Dwayne Haskins was challenged. He improved himself. He worked hard on his body. He showed a lot of Instagram videos and pictures and all that stuff, sculpted physique. They bought in a little bit. They were happy that he did some of the things that they told him to do.

The hardest part was always going to be when he got back into the building and whether he had truly changed and when they could work with him day in and day out and hour in and hour out. And yes, it is an unfair timeline to only give someone four games. I understand. I get that. Ron Rivera didn’t give Adrian Peterson any games. He gave Sean Davis zero games. He gave Derrius Guice an hour.

Ron Rivera is not sitting here trying to placate anybody. He doesn’t know how long of a shelf life he has and now he suddenly sees a winnable division and he has an impatient owner and a fan base that has been taped out for a long time.