Bobby Lashley wins the WWE championship from Brock Lesnar, after a surprising betrayal by Paul Heyman.

WWE started off by highlighting the careers of the two competitors with a promo video, which really adds to the hype and stakes of the match. The promo video also helps sell the “dream match” narrative that WWE is trying to pitch this match as. Putting this match ahead of the Men's Royal Rumble also makes the main event much more exciting, as it leaves open the possibility of this match's loser to appear at the Rumble.

The Former Bellator fighter Bobby Lashley plays the underdog in this Giant-against-Giant match against Former UFC fighter and current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Brock starts off by executing a German Suplex on Bobby, which frustrates the challenger. Lashley returns the favor by throwing the champion in a German Suplex of his own, which only served to amuse Brock. Brock responds by laughing and then executing a back-to-back German Suplex at Bobby Lashley, which made Lashley's lips bleed. Bobby throws fists with Brock, counters an attempted F5 with a spear, followed up by another spear that sends the champion reeling, forcing him to retreat outside of the ring.

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Bobby tries to charge at Brock through the barricade, but the champion slyly evaded. As Bobby lies in the wreckage, Brock laughs. But Bobby recovers quickly, countering a hold by The Beast Incarnate, only to be thrown to the opposite corner post shoulder-first. Brock hits another German Suplex, drunk with confidence. He hits another German Suplex. Then another. As MVP tries to motivate the fallen Lashley, Brock hits yet another German Suplex, leaving the challenger limp on the floor. A fifth German Suplex made Bobby Lashley turn into a ragdoll.

Brock counting down the number of consecutive German Suplexes really made him look dominant over his equally-threatening foe. Brock then picks up Bobby in the middle of the ring, preparing an F5, but Bobby was able to slip behind, and The Almighty manages to lock on the Hurt Lock from behind. Brock looked like he was in big trouble and the desperate champion had to push his adversary at the corner, inadvertently hitting the referee. Bobby immediately tried to execute another Hurt Lock, but the champion countered with an F5. However, Bobby Lashley's legs hit the referee, knocking him over. Brock covers for the pin, but the referee was out cold.

Roman Reigns then appeared out of nowhere to spear Brock Lesnar, then stared down Paul Heyman outside the ring. Roman stretches out his hand, testing Heyman's allegiances, who in turn handed over the WWE Championship Belt to Roman. Reigns would hit Brock with the belt, allowing Bobby Lashley to claim victory with a 3-count as Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman walked away from the ring, leaving a devastated Brock Lesnar in the middle of the ring.