Game 7 is now under two hours away. The Cavaliers and Warriors are ready to get on the floor to figure out who's the best team in the league.

Since the Cavs and Warriors are the last two teams left in the run for the title, you'd think there fan-bases would be the only ones that have something at stake for this game. However, there was a popular Celtics fan that got into the mix. We're talking about none other than Bill Simmons, who had a different opinion.

This is a very interesting statement that Bill Simmons makes. At face value it might not have too much meaning to you, but think about it for a second. There was one reason why LeBron James left Cleveland and that reason was to win a championship. He joined the Miami Heat and won two championships. Only then was he able to return to Cleveland, his home.

Now, if James and the Cavaliers are able to win the championship tonight, he would've accomplished the goal he had when he returned to Cleveland. If LeBron doesn't win, he'll most likely stay until he is able to bring home the championship for the city of Cleveland.

We don't know what LBJ's mindset will be once he finishes up this season if the Cavaliers do win the championship. Still, if there is any chance that James leaves Cleveland this summer for a different city, it'll be because the Cavaliers were able to win. For that reason, Lakers fans should be rooting for James tonight.

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