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Rumor: new Metal Gear Solid game to be announced on August 10

Metal Gear Solid key visual with Snake

Die-hard Metal Gear Solid fans are speculating that an upcoming Abandoned trailer is actually an MGS game in disguise. This trailer will be released on Abandoned‘s PS5 trailer app, which fans can download ahead of the game’s release in Q4 2021.

Blue Box Games Studios, the indie game developers of Abandoned, swear that their project has nothing to do with either Kojima Productions or Konami. Still, fans are convinced that Abandoned is a meticulously planned marketing strategy to announce a new MGS game stealthily.

Initially, fans speculated that Blue Box Games Studios’ upcoming PS5 exclusive game Abandoned is a PT reincarnate. The new horror game has a lot of similarities with the ill-fated Kojima-Guillermo Silent Hills project under Konami. But a statement from Blue Box Games Studios dispelled the rumors, reiterating that Abandoned is a new IP with no ties to Konami or Kojima.

However, Blue Box Games Studios uploaded an image showing the face of a character with an eyepatch. MGS‘ protagonists, Naked Snake and Solid Snake, both wear eyepatches for the majority of their appearances in the series. This turned the fans’ attention from PT to MGS, another IP closely related but no longer affiliated with Hideo Kojima. It fueled even more rumors that Blue Box Games Studios is a rogue company meant to mask a different company – either Kojima Productions or Konami.

Are Blue Box Games Studios and Bluepoint Games Related? MGS Remake Confirmed?

It’s worth noting how Kojima Productions has had a fruitful relationship with Sony. Their first project, Death Stranding, launched as a PS4 exclusive. Recently, Sony leaked their acquisition of Bluepoint Games with a social media post. Bluepoint Games was responsible for a couple of remakes – most recently of Demon’s Souls for the PS5. The similarities between the names of Bluepoint and Blue Box further fuels the rumors – insinuating that, by virtue of both being close to Sony, that Bluepoint and Kojima Productions are somehow connected. MGS Remake? They wish.