There have been new details to emerge from Kansas City star running back Kareem Hunt's incident during the offseason involved his altercation with a woman in a hotel.

A video has made headway on Friday as it was obtained by TMZ Sports that show Hunt shoving and kicking a woman. What has made the matter more intriguing is that the NFL and Chiefs had known about the video's existence, according to Benjamin Allbright of Mile High Sports.

This adds yet another troubling wrinkle to the situation as the NFL had knowledge of these videos that don't appear to have factored into their decision-making process of how the situation was handled. The league had made the choice prior to the start of the season to not suspend Hunt for his actions, which in hindsight after the video has been released looks even worse that decision was reached.

It now puts the NFL and the Chiefs in the spot of having to address the situation once again and potentially take action by levying a suspension or some sort of punishment for the 23-year-old. Since the Ray Rice situation unfolded nearly a decade ago, the league has developed a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence and that should find it's way into factoring into this matter as well. Beyond Hunt's inexcusable actions, it's not a good look for the NFL to have not gone through with the appropriate handling of this situation the first time around.

There should be more to come on this front that could see the league act quickly with the Chiefs complying accordingly to whatever move is made next with the situation. In meantime, this release of this video changes the entire spectrum of how this matter is viewed publicly that may put Hunt in a tough spot in regards to his NFL career.