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Russell Westbrook expresses his love for Oklahoma City

This summer Russell Westbrook took an unexpected turn and surprised many around the NBA.

What he did was re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Before Westbrook made the move, there were all kinds of rumors about where he will play next season. Since the Thunder had lost Kevin Durant, it seemed like their chances of keeping Westbrook were slim.

That is until the explosive guard signed a three-year $85 million contract with Oklahoma City. The deal makes it to where the Thunder will now have at least two more seasons with Westbrook leading the charge.

The third year of the extension is a player option so Westbrook may choose to pass it up and go into free agency early. Before that time comes, the Thunder will be given the chance to prove themselves. The team will have to surround its franchise player with a winning environment.

The Thunder are off to a good start though, and Russell Westbrook has fond feelings for OKC. When he guested on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he had this to say about the town:

Talk about encouraging words for the city. Westbrook not only loves the people but he also loves the weather.

It looks like the idea that he is a bright lights guy is wrong. For now Russell Westbrook is happy being in a small market and being their superstar. One thing is for sure, the more loyalty Westbrook shows to Oklahoma City, the more love the city will give to him.

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