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Russell Westbrook kicks ball away from Damian Lillard, scuffle ensues

Russell Westbrook allowed frustration to get the best of him during Tuesday night’s matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Ironically, he never received any technicals for his offenses.

Westbrook refused to help his team on defense after he felt the officials missed a call. That was the beginning of his rather tame meltdown, which was oddly enough ignored.

His first offense came with over five minutes in the second quarter when the Blazers attempted to inbound the basketball.

Damian Lillard tried to pick the ball up from the floor but Westbrook kicked it away from him, which should have resulted in a delay of game technical.

There was no call made and the two players exchanged words before being separated.

The second offense came minutes later in the second quarter when a frustrated Westbrook tossed the ball towards the crowd. He acted as if he was attempting to throw it to a referee who was clearly standing far away from where the ball landed.

That type of offense is always an automatic technical, but no call was made.

The Thunder lost the game in a blowout 114-95 as Westbrook sat on the bench waiting for the final buzzer.

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