Since 2008, the city of Seattle has been without professional basketball. For 41 years, the Seattle SuperSonics were a staple in the Pacific Northwest, beloved throughout the region before being shipped off to Oklahoma City.

Basically, ever since their departure there have been efforts by individuals and groups in the area to bring a team back. When they moved and became the Thunder, the Sonics name as well as all of their records stayed in Seattle, so that if another team does take their operations to the city, they can adopt the wildly popular SuperSonics moniker.

Unfortunately, recent efforts to bring a NBA team back have hit a barrier, as a real estate sale was voted against by the city council; this piece of land was vital to the new arena proposal.

In wake of the results, one of Seattle's star athletes decided to voice his opinion in support of bringing professional basketball back to town: Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson.

He's not the only member of the Seahawks to speak out about the possible return of the Sonics; Richard Sherman rocked a classic green and yellow jacket while voicing his support for a team coming back a year ago.

A few years ago, it appeared that the Sacramento Kings were going to pack their bags and move their operations up north.

Now, the Kings are secure in California's capital with a new arena coming, and Seattle is starting to run out of options. Things have certainly turned for the worse if you're a basketball fan in the Emerald City.